Pure Dance Live Data Policy

When you use our website, you should notice that your browser displays a green padlock near the URL bar (depending on the browser that you use) indicating that our website provides a secure connection. We are using a verified certificate to provide 256 bit end to end encryption between your browser and our servers. This essentially means that everything which you send to us such as your username, password and messages in the chat room are encrypted preventing 3rd parties on the internet from intercepting this data. Likewise everything that is sent to you and displayed in your browser window is also encrypted, even including the music stream. This is the first layer of protection that we provide for any data which you share with us. To learn more about Transport Layer Security (TLS) click here.

When you sign up for a free account on our website we ask you for a username, full name, e-mail address and password. This data is stored in a secure database and your password is encrypted, which means if this data was compromised then it would be difficult for someone to use it. Every time you visit our website using your account, we update a time and date flag so that we can see if your account is still active or not. Only administrators of our website have access to this data and they can only see the encrypted version of your password. We never sell or use this data without your permission.

When you connect to the audio stream on our website, the streaming server stores your current IP address, your streaming client (which is usually your browser, for example Google Chrome) and the time and date along with some information relating to the duration that you were connected inside a text file on the server. This text file is usually deleted inside a month, however we copy this data to a secure database and use it for basic listener statistics which we share with our DJ's. We do not expose your IP address to the DJ's and this is treated as anonymous data. This data is not sold or used for any other purpose.

If we ever discover that any of our data has been compromised then we will e-mail all of our registered users via the e-mail addresses they have provided to us as a matter of urgency to inform them of this.

We are not currently removing any data for inactive users. If you are no longer a user of our website and want your data to be purged then e-mail admin@puredancelive.com with your details and we will action your request.

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